Debian 11 DVM is not in Qubes 4.2

Debian 11 DVM is not in Qubes 4.2, Kernel whatever it chose at first.

Debian 11 Template is present.

Computer is Alienware 15 R2, skylake processor, 16 GB…
Is this known? Or should I do a re-install with Verbose enabled. Or perhaps another Kernel?

Maybe you didn’t select the option to a create default DispVM during Initial Setup?
Installation guide | Qubes OS
You can create DisposableVM manually:
Disposable customization | Qubes OS

Kernel selection most likely will not have an impact on whether a debian-11-dvm will be created.

You can manually create an AppVM with debian-11 as its template, then enable “Disposable template” in this appvm’s settings. This will effectively make it a debian-11-dvm. You just need to tune the global settings to make it the default dispvm.

Debian is not ready as default (usage) in 4.2, you may seen crash after updating, better use Fedora.

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Thanks to all of you for replies.

I was not bothered it was not there. I meant this as an FYI to those building 4.2. As like one of those things on the list.