Debian-10-minimal Configuration

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Hi @Sven could you please share your status on this?
Looking forward to your how-to :blush:


@whoami … by Sunday evening / Monday morning CST. You successfully shamed me into action.


I very interested in the salt part…
As soon as I find some free time I will follow your instructions on a fresh installation.

But do not stress, no urgency.

Yeah, it’s only gonna be a guide about the bash script stuff. Kind of an updated more detailed version of the above post.

Not sure if and when I’ll get into salt.


OK, let’s get this started: Automate debian-minimal based template creation


How does this respond to


It doesn’t.

  • sys-usb can see the files anyway
  • I don’t view or edit any files inside sys-usb (which I believe to be the concern with accessing files in sys-usb)
  • my sys-usb doesn’t have any programs installed (minimal template)
  • I no longer mount encrypted volumes in sys-usb (that’s where the FAQ applies)

On second thought: thank you @fiftyfourthparallel for originally pointing it out and thank you @enmus for making me finally see it after I was too dense to see it the first time:

It is obviously a bad idea to mount an encrypted partition inside an untrusted qube. It’s bad practice and bad advice.

I will edit both in the forum and on my website to correct this mistake in the next days.


At the time, your post stuck in my mind, and I posted it yesterday because I read the docs again (and constantly over and over again) and stumbled upon this, and I had no doubt how you’d react, but I needed it to create that way for users hopefully an example of a good practice of a constant re-reading, re-thinking and revising, eventually to realizing what many of us already did: that Qubes is life-changer, milestone.