Dbus missing in debian-12-minimal, causing qubes-firewall to fail?

Installing the dbus package in debian-12-minimal template corrected the following observed behavior:
In sys-firewall, based on a debian-12-minimal-dvm,

$ systemctl status
Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory

After installing the dbus package in the debian-12-minimal template, this error disappears and services such as qubes-firewall run as expected.

@unman dbus was included in the debian-11-minimal template. Should it also be included in debian-12-minimal, or is there some other fix for this error?


After a couple of hours of debugging, I just realized this is the problem of why some services do not start.


The dbus package also seems insufficient for user services like split-gpg2-client. Another package that is needed is dbus-user-session, then user systemd services can be run, but despite service running correctly I still cannot get gpg to use split-gpg2-client correctly.

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