Dasharo Users Group #4 and vPub v0x9 Online Party on December 7 at 5 PM UTC

Dear Qubes OS community members,
I’d like to highlight some talks from an upcoming event and show you how security, firmware, and hardware compatibility topics relate to Qubes OS usage and development.

  • “Overview of the Intel SMI Transfer Monitor on Dasharo Firmware” by Brian Delgado

    • Brian Delgado’s talk on the Intel SMI Transfer Monitor (STM) is crucial for understanding advanced security features in firmware. STM’s role in monitoring and controlling System Management Interrupts (SMIs) can be vital for enhancing the security of systems running Qubes OS, especially considering the potential risks associated with SMIs. On the other hand, a system equipped with STM may help research advanced malware leveraging loopholes in SMI implementation, which may lead to improvements in protection mechanisms developed at the OS and firmware levels.
  • “corebooting Framework - Status Update” by Felix Singer

    • Felix Singer’s update on coreboot for the Framework laptop is key for those interested in secure and open-source firmware. Framework hardware was discussed on this forum multiple times. Since Framework is considered the top right-to-repair brand and their vision aligns with many Qubes OS users. Having a Framework laptop Qubes OS hardware certificate would be a dream setup for many members.
  • “Fuzzing UEFI through User-Space with TSFFS” by Rowan Hart

    • Rowan Hart’s exploration of fuzzing UEFI through user space provides insights into identifying and mitigating firmware vulnerabilities. This is particularly relevant for Qubes OS, where firmware security is a foundational aspect of overall system security. Who knows maybe some part of fuzzing would be a mandatory requirement for future Qubes OS hardware certification.

Feel free to join us and support us in spreading the word about Qubes OS and open-source firmware. The wider audience we reach more value we can return for community events like Qubes OS Summit.

Feel free to grab a free but not mandatory ticket here


Unfortunately, Felix had to cancel his talk. We hope to have a talk with him during the next event.