Dasharo open-source firmware virtual Pub Spring 2022 (26th May)

Dear Qubes OS Community,
We would like to invite you to a virtual Pub where we can talk about the foundation of trustworthy solutions: open instruction set architecture, open-source hardware, open-source firmware, and Qubes OS.

Homepage of the event is: https://vpub.dasharo.com

Those who will join will hear some exciting rumors about the Qubes OS mini-summit and would be able to influence its format.

Above other things, we will show a Qubes OS demo on top of Dasharo (coreboot+UEFI payload) compatible with MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4, which was already tested by some brave members (kudos to @renehoj of Qubes OS community. The results are even in Qubes OS HCL, and it looks like open-source firmware beats proprietary blob from the vendor.

We need your support, and I hope we can build better, more reasonably trustworthy solutions together.

Talk to you at vPub.


Unfortunately I missed this event ;(
Could anybody kindly share a recording of the event? (Assuming that is ok & one exists).

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Hi @Quser59, unfortunately we don’t record the event. This very casual and unofficial discussion and we would like to keep it that way.

Did the TrenchBoot discussion give any information on when there will be a release for Qubes OS?


Unfortunately, no. There is need for not small budget for that task and we wondering about models which can provide founding for development.