Dasharo compatible z+ matx boards?

I failed with my previous AMD mobo purchases and qubes, couldn’t get the setup to work with Qubes but the mixed blessing of my server mobo dying resulted in my using it as the replacement mobo in my homeserver.

So, am back on the hunt for a desktop qubes friendly mobo, this time Intel as there seems to be more successes with Intel mobos?

I have a mATX silent case (really wish I had gotten a tiny-as-possible-quite-ATX-case) so am apparently quite limited in the mobo options I have given the specs I want/prefer. It seems that z chipsets are more likely to work(?) so am leaning in that direction. In the interest of making a future resistant setup I’d like to have DDR5. I am also toying with the idea of squeezing as much speed as possible out of storage so maybe a software/hardware RAID0 (with backups of course) across 2 M2 slots.

This has lead me to two mobos, courtesy of part picker, that seem to be almost the same feature wise, with the Asrock being cheaper.

The only person on the forum that seems to have a z690 chipset mobo is @renehoj but it is unforuantely a starndard ATX and wouldnt fit in my case otherwise I’d def go that route.

So I wanted to ask about:

  • Dasharo, is it mobo specific, chipset specific and would it work on either of the two mobos I’ve identified (MSI MAG Z690M MORTAR WIFI Micro ATX LGA1700 and ASRock Z690M PG RIPTIDE/D5 Micro ATX LGA1700 Motherboard).
  • And even if Dasharo doesnt work on them, would/“should” one, the other, or both play nicely with Qubes?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Dasharo is motherboard specific, it only works with the MSI Z690-A motherboard, it will not work with any other Z690 motherboard. It also doesn’t work with any other MSI motherboard Z690, it only works with the A model.

It might work with Z790 in the future, but currently only the Z690 is supported.

There is no guarantee that a motherboard will work, MSI motherboard seem to a good history of working with Qubes, but don’t assume something untested is just going to work.

If you are the first person testing a motherboard, the best thing you can do is to make sure you have the option to return the motherboard.

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