Dangeorus networking bug?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set some netVM for Windows StandaloneVM.
  2. Start Windows SVM
  3. Upon starting, but just right before desktop is shown, set netVM to none for Windows SVM in Qube Manager.
  4. In Qube Manager NetVM is now set to none.

Expected behaviour: no networking in Windows VM.
Actual behaviour: Networking is fully functional as seen in the screenshot, where browser is working, while in Qube manager, netVM is shown as default(N/A)

Can you please report this on the issue-tracker? That way the developers can see it and track the issue.

And what does qvm-prefs show?

Sorry, I don’t have github account.

Well, it’s too late now, I have quickly shutdown qube because this qube was supposed to be absolutely offline, so couldn’t check after that. I have sensitive data there, so now I’m totally paranoid if qube was compromised in those several dozens of seconds while it was online… I’m not willing to reproduce it again.