Customization of DispVm's


i would like to have customized disp vms with the software i preinstalled.

How did i do this:

  1. Copy the fedora dispVM
  2. Create a template with all software installed
  3. Change the template from the copied fedora disp to the template i want to use.

My understanding is: If a disp vm ist started, it will just load the template. All changes are made within dispVM’s are nonpersistent, but all configs or settings comes from the underlying template.

Thing is: I did configure another terminal emulator and colored themes for the gnome-terminal in the terminal. But the changes made won’t show up in the spawned disp vms. Why is that so? How do i customize my disp vm’s with my settings for the shell or the gnome-terminal?

What i try to do, but without effect:

  1. Use zsh as my standard terminal emulator
  2. Ues my own gnome-terminal preferences, regarding themes

Problems i solved:

  1. Gnome Terminal is shutting down after seconds. See here: Fedora32 disposable AppVM crashing after few seconds (reproducible) Solution: Using this command in my .desktop: "Exec=qvm-run -q -a --dispvm=tools-dvm --gui ‘gnome-terminal --wait’

greetings chris

A disposable VM (“disp1823”) inherits its home volume (and /usr/local) from an AppVM (“fedora-32-dvm”) and inherits its root volume from the AppVM’s Template (“fedora-32”).

So to customize a disposable VM, you first have to figure out where the customization is stored.

  • If it is stored in the home folder or /usr/local, then configure it in the AppVM (“fedora-32-dvm”). Examples: gnome-terminal settings, browser preferences, most per-user settings.
  • If it is stored in the root volume, then configure it in the TemplateVM (“fedora-32”). Examples: some printer settings, the selection of distro packages

Remember to commit your customization by shutting down the AppVM or TemplateVM.

Thank you for your answer. I changed the template from the fedora-dvm to my specific needs. So it is loading the template and thats it. There is no persistence required for the disps to funcion, as all customization is done in the template. Even tho, it is not adapting it like the gnome-terminal color changes.

At least for gnome-terminal on debian, I can customize the theme (I use “White on black”) by configuring it in the dvm template, and it is inherited to dispvms.

I’m having trouble understanding your posts, but have you already read these pages?

This is due to a known bug that will be fixed in the next version. If you start the XTerm it will work just fine. See here: