Custom resolutions / window sizes for Win10?

Hate to see those squarish windows :slight_smile: Also, no portrait orientations.

IIRC, installing QWT may help.
Not sure about custom resolution, but you will have more resolution available.

Sure I have it installed. Still sucks :slight_smile:

I am also interested in this.
How resolutions are chosen in the first place? Maybe, it is possible to edit them there?
VirtualBox allows to use any resolution just by resizing window (if extension is installed inside the guest OS), while in Qubes OS I am not able to set it even using configs or something.

Maybe there is a way after all?

Virtualbox video is also way faster and the cursor is never out of sync.

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Following this guide I was able to add custom resolutions to Win10.
As I usually working in full screen I’ve just calculated needed resolution and added it manually.
AFAIK no way to get dynamic resolution (as with QEMU for example).

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well I didn’t, nothing special is needed to have a lot of resolution available.

I installed a win10 hvm.
with qvm-features win10 video-model cirrus (not need anymore I guess in r4.1)
I got only 2 screen resolution (1024x768 and 800x600).
When I removed it with qvm-features --unset win10 video-model
I now got a lot of screen resolution, out of the box.

resolution out of the box


Can’t use custom resolution by rezising the window itself (was excepted).

@arkenoi how many resolution do you have, you can’t find one close to your full screen ?
Assuming you want Windows in fullscreen.

Portrait mode can be enabled in Windows, but that mess up with the mouse.
The virtual/emulated mouse doesn’t follow the dom0 mouse.
With a dedicated mouse passthrough to Windows, maybe it will work ?

Have you tried the guide posted above, did it work for you?

I already had all these.

So, is it possible to set arbitrary resolution for Win10?
Even with full shutdown of Win10 qube.

I use this, not only for custom resolutions, but for custom refresh rates too. I forced my old TV to 80Hz.

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I tried and it does not seem to work properly for Windows qubes, unfortunately. It definitely affect Windows resolution settings but I failed to get custom arbitrary resolution.
Maybe I did it wrong?

That being said I want to note that this open source software (and approach) has potential - the list of resolutions is changed when I tried it. But for some reason it never had custom non-standard resolutions that I added using CRU.exe. So, maybe I just was using it wrong, it has a lot of settings (not only w/h/refresh rate), so somebody who is more into display stuff or more lucky can try to make it work. Maybe it is doable.

Some improvements arriving: Guide to getting windows 10 resolution all the way up to 4k 3840x2160 - #9 by fepitre


Still no arbitrary resolutions, still landscape only, still slow as hell.

Yes, there is still not arbitrary resolutions. On my side it is not slow at all, it works perfectly find in UWQHD and even video. Moreover, we are working on Qubes video driver for Windows 10 in order to have the seamless mode. That should solve most of the issues here.


Wow that’s cool!
What about win11 support?
What about composite windows support that makes seamless mode tricky as hell under Qubes?

Win11 should make no big difference - it is just Win10 with a somewhat (still more ugly) changed surface for Win10 and shows as its internal version still 10. something. The only change I noticed was its hardware requirements during setup which have to be disabled as described in the Qubes/Windows documentation. The surface should also not make a difference anymore once seamless mode is working.

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I’m guess I’m lucky then having proper laptop.

Great news ! Is there any place (like a Github issue) where we can follow and assist with the development?