Current Installer and Potential User

Hi Qubes Community,

I’m currently installing on a friends machine, for no reason that I can imagine… I told him about it and he was insistent that I install it on his new laptop.

11th gen i7 i believe. not sure the 7. might be i5.
nonexistent. uses built in intel graphics

definitely had graphics issue on install. i tried two fixes. one that worked was editing a GRUB file. i mean, kind of worked. also updating the Templates is not possible through the template but ONLY through the gui.

for me as a potential user. my flagship Alienware has been built. what would you do for an install to maximize gaming? a dual boot i assume? is a tri boot useful for hacking? i only have 2x2TB and most of it i need for my 257 games.

p.s. i am not afraid of the time and effort to GPU passthrough and put a windows 11 qube in my computer and only run QubeOS. i just can ONLY do this if i can still play games that are new and demanding. and yes, i know i would have to allow an NVIDIA driver instead of nouveau.

That should work as well. What error are you getting?

I’d first try to do everything in Qubes and if something was unsatisfying then use dual/tripple boot.

If you will use Windows qube with GPU passthrough to it then you’ll have to install drivers in Windows and not in Qubes dom0.

I don’t recall specifically but it was a whole bunch of connection errors. 400 I believe. i did not do any editing to the repository list. that said, i was able to update via the widget the other night. i got windows in a qube for him.

As for my computer. I will try one boot when it gets here and do dual if needed. it’s really about the passthrough. i need it in Windows for gaming and Linux for calculations. Hopefully i’ll have an update on how it works in about a week!