Creating virtual machine on a different partition


I currently have two BTRFS partitions on my nvme SSD. The first contains the Qubes installation, and I’m trying to create virtual machines on the second one. I did some googling, found this:

Seems pretty straightforward but the explanation assumes that you have a thin pool to work with. My partition is BTRFS. Looking at the commands I kinda get the impression that they only work with a thin pool. Is this true or can they be used to create vm’s on a BTRFS partition as well? If so does anyone have any command examples? If not is there another way to do this?

The doc is weighted to lvm, but you can readily adapt it to your case.
Skip all the lvm stuff, and just use something like (off the top of my head)
qvm-pool add -o dir_path=PATH POOL_NAME file-reflink

and then use it:
qvm-create -P POOL_NAME -l red NEW_QUBE

man qvm-pool is comprehensive on options and possibilities.

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Thanks for the response unman. Your first command was spot on. Second one is missing some parameters I think. Not to much of a problem to figure it out using the man page I reckon. As I was doing this however, something came to me.

Is it possible to simply change the default device, path etc. where qubes creates vm’s? It would be much easier that way. One wouldn’t have to type a command every time simply to create a vm. You could just do it via the qube manager.

qubes-prefs in dom0 has option for default_pool - you can also separate
default pools for root and private images: by default they will follow
default_pool value, but you can have separate pools for them should
you wish.
man qubes-prefs

Excellent. :sunglasses:

Works like a charm. Thanks unman.