Creating new appvm from debian template

I want to create a new app VM from the Debian11 template.
I found the qvm-create cmd from the documentation:
qvm-create -t -l yellow

Should I run this in the dom0. Once I run this cmd, will the new app VM show up in the Qubes menu on the top left corner. In my setup, the personal qube is from Fedora 34. I’d a personal vm based on debian 11 too.

Thank you.

You can create new qube using Create Qubes VM GUI tool or using dom0 terminal with qvm-create command:
qvm-create -t debian-11 -l yellow yourvmname


You can change the template used by your personal qube from fedora-34 to debian-11 in its Qube Settings in Template drop-down list:

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Please note that Fedora-34 is EOL, just like Fedora-35 and 36. They all are not recommended to use now. Fedora-38 is available for Qubes.