Creating Multiple Desktop Enviroments ALL Completing SAME Task


I am in need of multiple desktop environments that all follow the same job. Think of it like having 10 computers on right next to eachother and all hooked up to one mouse and keyboard. I need all 10 desktop enviroments to basically follow my commands.
I have been enable to setup multiple windows 10 VM’s in qubes but i was reading its not possible to have windows perform multiple clips on one pc.
will something like this be possible if im running qubes? honestly i dont need it to be windows i could get the job done in debian/linux as well. it literally is just mouse and keyboard commands no script or anything.

thanks guys! :smiley:

Hi @kaliqubes ,
this isn’t specific to Qubes OS. Your need looks like GUI testing with UI robots, see tools like:

  • for Windows : AutoIt, AutoHotKey
  • for Linux : AutoKey, Xnee, xdo
  • for Windows or Linux : SikuliX

and a lot of others…