Creating kali linux hvm from kali linux core template

How do you do that? I installed kali core template, but when i create hvm qube with it by selecting kali core template it doesnt work. What am i doing wrong?

What exactly doesn’t work?
Or do you want to have the desktop environment?

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I want to have desktop enviroment

You can use VNC:

But change gnome-session to xfce4-session or whichever DE is installed in the kali template.

When i try to launch script in dom0 it says “tigervncserver: command not found”. Do i need to also install tigervncserver in dom0?

No, you need to install it in kali template:

Shutdown/restart the template after installation and then restart your kali app qube before trying to start VNC.

I already installed it on template

Did you restart the template and app qube after this?

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On second thought, are you running this script directly in dom0?

This script meant to be run in app qube, not in dom0.

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I restarted it and i am running it directly in dom0, i will try running it in app qube

For some reason when i restart qube based on kali core it fully resets itself, do you know why it can happening?

What do you mean by “resets itself”?

It deletes every packet that i have in this machine (basically kali tools default)

You need to install packages and change system files in a template: