Creating CORE BOOT bios for HP ZBOOK FIREFLY 15 G7

Hello, I am looking to configure a CORE boot BIOS for my system, to replace the UEFI. I am uploading the YML and cpiogz file.
Qubes-HCL-HP-HP_ZBook_Firefly_15_G7_Mobile_Workstation-20210526-033329.yml (747 Bytes)
Qubes-HCL-HP-HP_ZBook_Firefly_15_G7_Mobile_Workstation-20210526-033432.cpiogz (12.1 KB)

Hi @Zaro
Helping with coreboot is a little out of scope of Qubes community. That being said, I dont see your specific mainboard listed in the coreboot supported boards docs page or repo

@Plexus Hi, I understand that it is not currently supported for my specific board. That is the reason why I’d need help with it.

Could you please suggest resources where I can seek help to get coreboot for my system working?

Sure the best place to start is over at the community.

Theres also some old docs such as the

the modern docs are here

Porting a board can be quite a challenge :wink:

Hi, i don’t want to discourage you, but you should look up the bios shure start protection. HP uses 2 Bios chips in which the signed HP Bios image is placed and if one of the chipses bios is replaced, it will be recovered. If you delete both of them or rewrite with another image, the laptop will be bricked. The main signed key from HP sits in EC firmware and if the EC gets two wrong signatures. The Laptop will refuse to boot. I tried to clean the me region on my Elitebook and ZBook no success.

Next thing, if intel boot guard is enabled you’re pretty much out of luck.

I would recommend to sell the laptop and buy a coreboot Laptop. Maybe a Thinkpad or a “System76” aka Clevo laptop.

But otherwise good luck and let me know if you have success :slight_smile:

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