Creating bootable USB stick via Qubes OS (new to linux)

ok this might sound stupid, but how do you actually create an linux bootable USB on an Qubes OS system?

note: in my distro hopping experience i always used fedora media writer for that task, and it always detected the usb stick. but now it cant, so how should someone create a bootable usb stick in Qubes OS?

your replies are appreciated

The dd command serves this purpose, but should be done with care when selecting of=.

With the exception of sys-usb, Qubes also requires the extra step of attaching the USB to the qube containing the .iso file using either the device widget or the qvm-device command.


it works, thanks!

for anyone else like me, you can see this video by Purism, and from 01:53 to 02:18 is about making bootable iso thingy.