Creating Advanced Networking

I am try to follow this tutorial The Invisible Things Lab's blog: Playing with Qubes Networking for Fun and Profit
I need to Setting up Tor Proxy using a Proxy VM
I followed this command :
[dom0]$ qvm-create torvm --proxy --label green

outputs :
usage: qvm-create [--verbose] [--quiet] [--help] [--class CLS] [--standalone] [--disp] [--property NAME=VALUE] [--pool VOLUME_NAME=POOL_NAME] [-P POOL_NAME] [--template VALUE] [--label VALUE] [--help-classes] [--root-copy-from FILENAME | --root-move-from FILENAME] [VMNAME] qvm-create: error: unrecognized arguments: --proxy

What is wrong here

here is the command to create a tor proxy:

qvm-create --template=debian-11 --label=green TorVM
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Keep in mind that the linked blog post is more than 10 years old…

Even if the main idea and the network design is still valid, you should not just copy-paste the commands blindly.

I am running debian-10 on qubes 4.0

I run this command :

qvm-create --template=debian-10 --label=green TorVM

app: Error creating VM: Got empty response from qubesd. See journalctl in dom0 for details.

Is It working with debian-10?

You would have to put the command into the dom0 terminal to create.

Unless you’re an expert, this is a bad idea. Just use Whonix instead. You’re making things way harder than they need to be. The devs have already done the hard work for you and packaged it into an easy-to-use solution. Besides, your DIY version will probably be far less secure, because anonymity is a much more difficult technical problem than most people realize.

This is like trying to build your own airplane from junkyard scraps instead of simply booking a cheap ticket from a commercial carrier.

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Great words… Thanks

If you do want to play with Qubes networking you can still use that
article as inspiration.
When it was written, Whonix was not part of Qubes, but the fundamentals
of using different networking paths remain.
Back then, netvms were a special breed of qube. Now you can turn any
qube in to a netvm by setting provides_network True in qvm-prefs, or
“Provides Network” in the GUI qube settings.

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