Creating a working portable Qubes OS USB

I’m new to forum and relatively new to QUBES. I have built a VM on my laptop of 4.2 and decided that I liked it, when I obtained an e-waste Dell Optiplex 9010 I was going to install it, but was distracted when the guide mentioned you can install it on USB drive for a portable experience. I did this using a VM the first go round, install went great and the machine booted into QUBES every time. I then tried booting into the USB on my laptop and the USB didn’t show up in UEFI, using a linux VM to see the efi partition I noted that the efi folder was completely empty. I did see some “empty efi” forum entries, but none applied to my situation.

I couldn’t get 4.2 to run on my Optiplex so I obtained 4.0.4 and that ran good on the Dell SSD. I did a second install from the PC onto a 128GB USB 3.2 high speed Thumb drive, which loaded fine. I then tried to test it on my computer today and it woudn’t boot. This time around there is a qubes folder in EFI, but a lot of stuff appears to not be working. I was curious if anyone on here was able to sucessfully use a created USB installation on a 2nd PC. It appears that if you stick with the PC you installed it on, everything is fine because a UEFI entry is created in BIOS and you can chose it, but there is no boot64.efi or any .efi files on my efi partition of the USB that I can see. Thanks in advance!

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Did you install Qubes OS on USB in Virtual Machine?
In that case maybe the VM was configured to use Legacy BIOS instead of UEFI so there is no EFI System partition present on your USB disk and you can’t boot from in on your laptop without legacy BIOS boot support.

@apparatus I apologize as I did not see your reply until now. I initially used VMware, but I configured the .vmx to have firwmare=“efi”, so it was not using BIOS. I also later used the real machine and installed it. I did note that it had a qubes file in EFI this time, but not what you would need to boot from. I have kind of given up on the idea for now now and put 4.1 on the dell machine to learn more about Qubes. It seems from looking personally, and other forums that the Qubes install creates an EFI in the UEFI of the machine it is installed on, but that does not convey to using it on another machine.

It was the case for Qubes OS 4.1, but Qubes OS creates fallback boot path for EFI so you should be able to boot from the disk EFI entry:

Thanks I will take a look later today, I thought I have found most documents related to the issue, but will give this one a go.