Create virtual display to hide mouse cursor

Would like to hide my mouse cursor when watching videos. I don’t want to install anything in dom0 if possible.

This was apparently the best solution:

But it looks like xsetroot is not available in dom0 anymore.

So I thought what about creating a virtual display where you can slide your cursor to (like a second display)?
Sadly I am unfamiliar with X11 and not sure I this is a good idea in dom0 and if it will even work like I want it to… I found this post and a dummy driver seems to be available in dom0

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It’s not available in dom0 by default, but you can still install it with qubes-dom0-update:

sudo qubes-dom0-update xsetroot

I thought installing software in dom0 should be avoided at all costs and is a death sentence ?

It depends on the package and its source. If you install a random package from a suspicious online project, it could compromise the system, but that’s not the case for all of them. Installing xsetroot here is harmless.

So it’s safe to install one or two packages from the fedora and community repo’s in dom0?

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what about this?

Packages from the official Fedora repo can be considered safe. Everything else, including community packages, are not and would require manual verification.

Well, that’s a paranoid view of things, and I don’t really agree with that stance. dom0 is based on Fedora, and obviously to work properly it comes with packages downloaded and installed from the Fedora repository. Based on that, the system would already be compromised from this user’s point of view, because dom0 has a lot of packages installed and a big part of them are from Fedora and based on an EOL distribution. Installing packages from the archived repository is not harmful in itself, but if you still think there is a possibility that the package could be compromised and hosted by Fedora, you could basically build the package and its dependencies yourself and install it in dom0, which would cut the link to the online repository.


Okay guess I can install stuff after all…

Anyway I solved this by just connecting a second cable in my single monitor setup. Now I can slide my cursor off screen :slight_smile: