Create subtemplate from template


I’m using separate qube for each customer, each of them requires different set of tools/vpn’s. So I just cloned default fedora template multiple times. While this works okay, it brings a minor problem when updating VM’s based on these templates - every template must be updated separately downloading same OS updates multiple times.

It can be solved using sys-proxy with squid caching the packages, but this requires certain amount of disk space for cache.

I think it would be nice if I can create “subtemplate” from default template which will contain only differences compared to the default template. It can be as an overlay layer over default FS - starting AppVm will start default template, then overlay it with subtemplate.

As advantage I see shorter update time, saving broadband connection, not bothering repo servers multiple times.

I did not find any discussion regarding this.

What do you think of it? Is there already that kind of feature?

Thanks for advise/opinion.

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I think I posted a similar suggestion in this thread:

You can read the discussion there.

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It’s a question that has come up a number of times, and there is also
issue at GitHub.

So how exactly would we get fully updated qubes/cloned templates this way, when they’re not the same, obviously?


In a fiber optics era, I don’t find this a reason. It doesn’t happen too often and for too long

As I see it, servers are made to be bothered, constantly.

Although I’m using apt-cacher-ng, I was asking my self hundreds of times why can’t be this done somehow more automatically while hating startup/shutdown times of templates during updates, only each time to conclude it’s all about conformism, not about usability…

Ok, so it seems there is no such feature and no plans for implementing it yet.

Thank you guys for hints.
Sorry I did not find the mentioned thread, have to search better next time :man_facepalming: