Create Shortcut for AppVM for ChatGPT

I have ChatGPT in an AppVM.

I have put this in the AppVM and not in the template because I want it to be able to download different models.

I am having trouble creating a shortcut.

I created the shortcut in the AppVM and not the template because the program is stored in the AppVM.

This is the shortcut:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=AI Modeling

I have tried to recreate the Apps in dom0 which doesn’t work because the App isn’t in the template. If I move the App directly to the template, then I don’t think the models will store.

Did you make the shortcut in /home/user/.local/share/applications inside the appvm?


The documentation to explain how it works is here App menu shortcut troubleshooting | Qubes OS


Although it’s not Qubes specific, I think the documentation is lacking some steps about how to check that a shortcut is working inside the AppVM. Using a XFCE template, you can try to open xfce4-appfinder and see if the ChatGPT shortcut is present. To see which .desktop file will be sent to dom0, you can run:


The content of the file seems good to me, but have you validated it?

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there was no application folder in /home/user/.local/share/application so I went to the /usr/applications and created something in there

and then it would get overwritten, because it’s an AppVM, and I created it in usr, which is what the template creates

the solution was I needed to create the directory even though I didn’t see it!