Create new template, add software, and turn it to disposable template

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  1. I need to create a New Template (NewTemplate) based on the Default Template that I have chosen - Done.

  2. Then I need to install some software, that needs to be persistent after reboots (NewTemplate-withChanges) - Done too.

  3. After, I need either to :

  • turn the NewTemplate-withChanges to a DisposableTemplate-withChanges,
    or better :

  • to create a New Disposable Template out of it :
    (as such I would have one “normal” Template with some additional installed software in it, and
    a similar Disposable Template in which additionally installed software will persist but any other changes will be lost).

Can you give some hand with the procedure, please ?

First you need to create a new qube of type “AppVM”, give it a name with “-dvm” so you know what it is. Then in the qube settings you have “Disposable template” in “Advanced”, checking this will change it to a disposable template.

The second option is not possible, the disposable template is still an AppVM and will lose what’s installed on it, since it gets its root filesystem from the original template it is linked to.

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There is some misconception (or at least peculiar wording) here.

There is no template inheritance/nesting and there is no conversion between one VM type to another.

Cloning a template creates a new, completely independent, one. AppVMs are based on templates. A disposable template is merely an AppVMs with property “Disposable template” turned on.

Persistence is explained here:

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As others have pointed out, a disposable template is not a type of template. In other words, you cannot turn a template into a disposable template. Rather, a disposable template is a type of app qube. For definitions for these terms, see: