Create a HardenedBSD template

If any of you have the skills to create and maintain a HardenedBSD template, that would be great. There is currently no single Qubes OS template that is based on BSD.

Yes, I saw these entries, although mine refers to HardenedBSD and not OpenBSD. HardenedBSD is considered more secure than OpenBSD.

Although it doesn’t matter. Any official BSD template is needed for Qubes OS. FreeBSD would be great if its template for Qubes was officially available, you can quickly convert the FreeBSD template into other templates yourself, but if FreeBSD were to be created as a base template, it would also be great.

There is also a discussion of HardenedBSD in the links. Moreover, there is a guide how to install OpenBSD, linked from these links above.

Qubes developers have no time to implement a first-class support for *BSD but hopefully someone from the Community can help.