Crackling Scratchy Sound in Windows Qube in Qubes 4.1

I’m using ReviOS inside my windows vm, which is a debloated Windows 10. Everything works good, except for sound quality, which is distorted with crackling sounds. In Linux vms, sound is without issues.
I’m using it in a template configuration. When installing Qubes Windows Tools I left everything at defaults except for moving user profiles to a separate partition.

I’ve tried changing audio models and this is what I got so far:
ac97 - doesn’t work (I guess no driver? as it was unrecognized in windows device manager)
es1370 - doesn’t work.
ich9 - works, but has loud constant crackling.
ich6 - works best, but still occasional frequent crackling.

I tested ich6 further and this is what I got:
crackling frequency seems to be dependent on the load, ie it increases when I move application window around, or open some other application like task manager.

Initially windows vm had 4Gb of memory and 2 cores, then I increased it to 8Gb and 4 core and further to 12 Gb and 6 cores
there seems to be no major difference between 4/2 and 8/4 configuration, but curiously enough sound quality seems to get worse with 12/6 configuration.
My system has 34 Gb of memory and a 6 core CPU, and I had no other vms running except for networking service qubes.

Also I’ve tried these commands, without any noticeable difference:
qvm-features timer-period 1000
qvm-features out.latency 10000
qvm-features out.buffer-length 4000

Sound output is also emulated output (if that’s what it’s called), as I don’t use any usb adapters and the like.

Any help would be welcome.

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I am having the exact same issue. Just installed 4.1 I have run through all the troubleshooting steps you did before I found this post. Have you found any solution yet?

It is well known issue, unresolved so far.

You may try some of these things, and to read about it.