This may be a dumb question, I’m not too familiar with this process.

Is it possible to coreboot/libreboot etc the newer chipset boards with this open source firmware?

ie intel 11th gen i7

amd ryzen 5850

Probably not, I’m assuming. Are there options for the newer hardware?

I think my Bios has been tampered with (again) on two brand new machines. 1 computer went into “flashing protocol” on and off heavy fan, flashing keyboard without me prompting any update or protocol.

The boot up time has changed from sub 5 seconds to boot menu to 20+

when I try to use lenovo boot .exe on the windows machine it says the process isn’t recognized.

Also graphical differences in the way the bios changes over to the OS, subtle - but 100% not the same as a week ago stock.

Any tips would be appreciated as I’ve got 2k + in these machines and I can’t go through the warrranty/replacement process again due to work interruptions etc.

I’ve been targeted by someone obsessed with an ex girlfriend of mine and this “cyberstalking” has progressed over almost two years now.

I know who is culpable, but I don’t know how to stop him.

That’s all I got. Wish I still drank.

That sound bad. You can use a difference computer to flash the firmware. However, there is no way to flash Coreboot/Libreboot or Heads.
With Intel you could try me-cleaner
With AMD, you can’t neutral AMD PSP (it similar to Intel ME) but you can disable it in the BIOS

The problem with modern devices is newer technology, the people who bought it will really move to newer devices in years, and the research implementing coreboot in specific hardware is time consuming, and for that reason a company like system76 is exist.

Maybe enlist the services of Michael Bazzell?

anyone know, whether Intel me or AMD PSP, have independent internet access ?
it means, it is connected to the internet, without depending on Laptop Wifi card.

or maybe it can use bluetooth for internet connection ?
or maybe ultrasonic beacon or ultrasonic tracking ?

Intel me got an internet access if you have wired internet access but AMD PSP don’t
ultrasonic beacon only used if that pc infected with BadBIOS

AFAIK, Intel ME and AMD PSP don’t use bluetooth for internet

Nobody knows what Intel me or AMD PSP do. But they have unrestricted access to everything on your computer, so: Intel Management Engine - Wikipedia.

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