Core scheduling in 4.1?

I am looking to build another system that needs as many CPU threads as possible (probably AMD Threadripper). I note that Qubes 4.1 uses Xen 4.14 and that core scheduling was introduced into Xen 4.13. Question: is core scheduling supported in Qubes 4.1? It is not mentioned in the 4.1 release notes. Makes most sense to switch to allocating cores instead of CPUs in a qube, since Qubes does not go for high security within a qube, running passwordless root by default.

If not are there any plans?

Thanks @rustybird the last post says “smt=on sched-gran=core” works in 4.1 - the question is what do you actually get in Qubes? Does vCPU allocation become vCore? Sorry not running 4.1 to test, trying to make an informed decision.
Marek says it will be supported when it is no longer experimental (that was in 4.13 days) are there any updates?