Converting VirtualBox VMs to Qubes HVMs

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I am following the materials published in :
Converting VirtualBox VMs to Qubes HVMs, and
How to convert raw to iso without copying to dom0?
I have ubuntu.vdi from VirtualBox.
I have converted it following - Converting between image formats :

" in MS Win 10 :
cd C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox
VBoxManage clonehd “C:\Users\abc\VirtualBox VMs\ubuntu.vdi” ubuntu.img --format raw

It is 40 G big.
I have attached it to a Qubes’ PHV called “storage” that is 100 G big : /home/def/Downloads/ubuntu.img.
I have created, using GUI, the HVM called “Ubuntu” with RAM = 4 G, 1 x CPU, Net = sys-firewall, Template = NONE, Kernel = ’ ', HDD = 75 G.
Then, from Dom0, I have tried :

cd /dev/qubes_dom0/
ls -l # … and found the /dev/dm-61 for vm-ubuntu
qvm-run -p storage ‘cat /home/def/Downloads/ubuntu.img’ > /dev/dm-61
bash: /dev/dm-61: Permission denied

Do I miss something so to get this message ?
Please, advise back.
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Use the following command instead after bringing the .img file to dom0:

qvm-create --property=virt_mode=hvm --property=memory=4096 --property=kernel='' --label red --standalone --root-move-from /home/def/Downloads/ubuntu.img ubuntu-hvm
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Thank you for your prompt reply @DVM.
The free space I have in Dom0 is not enough to bring the ubuntu.img file there, so I need a way to use it from some of the other qubes …

Check this:

Thank you very much, @DVM !
The proposed solution is working.

# in Dom0 :
mkfifo /tmp/fifo
qvm-run --pass-io storage ‘cat “/home/def/Downloads/ubuntu.img”’ > /tmp/fifo
# opened another terminal in Dom0 :
qvm-create --property=virt_mode=hvm --property=memory=4096 --property=kernel=‘’ --label=red --standalone ubuntu_lts
qvm-run --pass-io storage ‘stat -c %s “/home/def/Downloads/ubuntu.img”’
# appears on the screen :
qvm-volume import --size=26687091200 ubuntu_lts:root /tmp/fifo
rm /tmp/fifo


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