Converting a disposable to a standard qube

Have you ever been working in a disposable and wanted to keep what you are doing?
Maybe you were browsing,and ended up with many useful tabs, and
downloaded documents.
Or you started a minor edit and it morphed in to many new documents, and
you have configured the editor just so.

Normally you would save the documents in the disposable, open a
terminal/file browser, and qvm-copy them to a standard qube.
Here’s an alternative: a simple script that turns the disposable in to
a standard template based qube, and keeps all your local configuration

Save the script in dom0.
I have it bound to a keyboard shortcut.

In the disposable, save your documents in your home directory - if you have opened a
document from another qube don’t just save it - it will be saved
under /tmp and will be lost. Don’t close the application.
While the disposable has focus, hit the shortcut - the disposable will
be morphed in to a standard qube - disp1234 becomes qube1234.

You can also call the script in dom0 command line like so disp1234 - then click on the application window you
want to use.

All locally saved documents (and configurations) will be transferred to
the new qube. The working application should be opened for you,
(firefox is very forgiving and will usually reload the tabs you had

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