Constant Network errors

Ive been using Qubes for the past 3 days and been loving it, however everday since Im required to do a update of the templates or it doesnt work.
After updating it will work and then stop work again if I shut it down due to any reason or it would connect but then I wouldnt get any internet to the browsers.
I keep getting a qrexec agent fo 60 second notice, whether ir mycnetwork qube for my ethernet, my system net, my firewall, vpn connection, etc or Id get the qrexec daemon error.
It takes hours or trying, rstarting, over and over just to get something going to update a template, best part is it refuses to update more than one in a execution and so have to update, then restart qubes, qubes get mad and give that error and then more trying and so on, until updates completed and then works again but restart or shutdown one Qube whether it is personal, or the vpn qube or the firewall, all hell breaks loose again and I dont understand why. It such a simple thing.

Orginally when installing Qubes it had this same issue as the devices with the ethernet device and wifi card device would cause a conflict and the ethernet device wpuld not work set in the system net which I had to remove and create a qube just for the ethernet to route ro the sys-net qube. Wifi device option still not working, doesnt want to start even its own Qube that runs device wifi chip so no option for wireless whixh a major issue as well.

I keep adjusting the battery settings for both systen and display but no matter its confgiuration the screen would lock itself always after 5 minutes making watching anything impossible.

Need urgent assistance.

This issue sounds like a known xscreensaver issue with a workaround. I’m not sure this is the whole problem, and battery settings may also be involved.

I don’t know what’s happening here.
Maybe I just don’t understand your issue description clearly enough.
Can you describe it in more details?
What’s your hardware?

What’s the error that you’re getting when you try to start sys-net with WiFi PCI controller?
I guess it could be this issue:
PCI troubleshooting | Qubes OS

Left mouse click on Power Manager icon in system tray → enable “Presentation mode”

Rryzen 5, 16GB Ram, 3080, etc

The qubes handling the network, so I have a qube for my ethernet port as refuses to run when done via the sys net(routes to sys net), sysnet, sys firewall, vpn proxy, etc.
All these would experience this error, either my network qube or the system net, or the firewall or I can have them all work and my disposable get this error or my vpn qube isnt providing intert to the browser but the qube runs and it all at random and impossible to pin point.
And everday I see an update for my templates, whixh my Qubes refusecto start and it would be any of them and after rsstarting the device or a qube then evetually lets me runcthe sys whoinex cause it refuses to do an update with the net even if configured in global and then it also refuses to update multiple templates at a time so I habe to do it one by one which requires a restart of qubes, then the qubes start giving errors again when attemptingcto update other templates and then I fet it working, update, works a bit, something gets shutdown,cwheter it my personal , the vpn, etc and all thexrest break again same errors same trpubleshooting, same problems.

Can you describe in more details?
Do you have your PCI Ethernet controller attached to sys-net (verify in the qube’s Settings → Devices tab)?
Is this how your qubes connected?
sys-net ↔ sys-firewall ↔ your other qubes (e.g. personal qube)?