Connection to Gemini PDA


I’m running Q4.0.4, fully patched. Sys-usb is based on Debian 10 Min template. (But I also tried with a Fedora33 template. The result is the same.)

I try to attach the Gemini PDA to an AppVM. Phzsically the PDA is connected via an USB cable. It is recognized as MediaTek_Gemini_Wifi on sys-usb:2-1. On the Gemini an Android 7.1.1 is installed. The system is set to “file transfer”.

If I try to attach the PDA to a VM via the GUI, I get an error “QubesException - Device attach failed”. If Itry to attach it via CLI (qvm-device usb attach {AppVM} sys-usb:2-1 I simply get “Device attach failed:” without any further information.

Any idea how to solve the issue?

Thx in advance.


At least in my experience with Android devices, connecting them to a VM that has been assigned the entire USB controller always works.

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