Connecting Network UPS Tool (NUT) client to Qubes OS


Could someone help me out? I have a nut server on my router and i’d like to connect to the server with my miniPC running Qubes OS. Which VM should i download and configure the nut package?

Thanks any help!

Hi @onequbesuser, perhaps you cold provide some links for the reference nut project and describe the steps you’ve taken, the documentation you’ve consulted and your desired goal? This makes it easier for others to help you.

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My bad! I thought the Network UPS Tool (NUT) is a well known project amongst the linux community.

I have an APC Smart UPS connecting to my network. To be able to shut some of the hardwares down on my network i’m using the Network UPS Tools (NUT) project: link. My pfSense router acts as the nut server, and the other hardwares act as the nut clients. I’d like to connect with my miniPC to the nut server using the nut package (nut for debian, nut for fedora) on the Qubes OS. And i don’t really know to which VM should i install the nut package.

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Install it wherever you like to use in a network connected qube - as
always you will want to install the software in to a relevant template,
and probably use bind-dirs to retain the configuration over reboots.

What do you want to do with the UPS data? Do you just want to set

Thanks! Sorry for the late reply, i just had no hardware with Qubes.

I don’t want just to monitor the UPS, I’d like - if there was a power outage - an automatic shutdown would be nice. That is why i’m not sure, because if i understand it correctly, shutting down down the PC running Qubes, that is a task or dom0. How could i achive a safe shutdown?

Assuming that you’re writing to a log, you could poll the qube from
dom0 and monitor the log for changes, then take action from dom0.
qvm-run -p will make the output of a program in a qube available in

Thanks! I’m gonna try to read about it and understand what you just said! If there will be any question i’m gonna come back.