Connecting android device via USB problem (device not appearing in "qubes devices"

Hello. I can’t see my fairphone appearing in “Qubes devices”. I opened the terminal emulator [Dom0] and listed USB devices with command “lsusb”. It probably showed my device under name (…Gooogle Inc. Nexus/Pixel Device (MTP + debug). What to do to make it appear in “Qubes devices” and later allow it to use in a specific cube?

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Depending on the meaning of term “use”, you can access storage only in sys-usb. If you don’t see it in sys-usb, then further diagnose is needed.
Your post is pretty unclear, but to me it looks you don’t have sys-usb at all and you exposed dom0 to your phone via controller…

If so, I’d suggest immediate clean reinstall of Qubes with created sys-usb by default, but be careful if you have only one sys-usb controller though…

Sorry that my post is unclear but I am not a technical person and I am a newbie in this field. Cause I just want to connect my phone to ubuntu virtual machine which I created in a cube. When I for example inserted a USB drive, I saw it in the “qubes devices” in the right upper corner and I could give it access to different qubes. I have attached a photo below to make it more clear.

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If you open the Qubes Settings for sys-usb and select the Devices tab does it show all of your USB controllers in the “selected” column? If not, close the sys-usb qubes and move only these controllers from Available to Selected.

I agree that seeing the device listed by lsusb in dom0 is concerning, but unfortunately lack the expertise to know why this is happening. In dom0 use the command qvm-usb to check how your devices are connected.

I recommend to use Android devices inside sys-usb qube, if you have one. Are you using a USB keyboard? Then you should read this:

The Devices widget may not work in some cases with Android phones:

I’ve just detached my keyboard and mouse forever, so I will have to reinstall the system. I think I will flash my phone from different os and later reinstall the qubes os and learn step by step how this os exactly works. However, thank you for your help.

Thank you for these links and help. I will read them through. I lost by keyboard forever so I need to reinstall the system.

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You cannot attach any phone to any other qube than sys-usb. And sys-usb is relative term: it can be any qube to which USB controller, to which your phone is connected, is attached to. No USB port, but whole USB controller to which that USB port belongs to.
Again, if you have only one controller, then in order to attach it to your Ubuntu whatever, you have to attach whole controller to Ubuntu, but then you will have your mouse and keyboard only in Ubuntu and nowhere else in Qubes, which will lock you out.

if you have PS/2 port, you’re on the go then. Get yourself PS/2 keyboard.