Connect a Wifi USB to Kali LInux StandaloneVM (HVM)

hey folks!

i followed this guide to create and install a standalonevm/hvm of kali linux here:

but i’m not finding a way to connect 2 wifi usb to this hvm.

I can use these usb wifi in all qubes very well and also in windows10 hvm, but not in kali.

And yes, these devices are plug and play in kali. I have another machine with kali linux as the only OS and they work well.

Any suggestions?

Got it thanks to Szewcu (How do i switch usb to a newly created HVM? qrexec not connected error - #12 by Szewcu)

  1. Type the command below in dom0 terminal
qvm-features [VM] stubdom-qrexec 1
  1. shutdown and restart sys-usb
  2. Now you can attach USB devices to KALI HVM

Thank you!