Confused over icons in 4.1

I really like what I see in 4.1, including the menu structure and the use of disposable vms for many (all?) services.

However - In 4.1 do your icons for a Service vm differ for disposable vs non-disposable?

The hollow cube icon looks good, but there is nothing like the ‘shadow’ icons for disp-vms and templates in the Qute Qube style. It doesn’t have the same ‘grammar’.

I can not tell at a glance which Service vm is persistent or which is a named disposable. (Since I’m just playing with a test install and everything’s new, I could really use that).

Am I missing something? I can’t find an answer on github starting here.

For the record, I like the Qute Qube set. I think its neat, attractive and otherwise informative.