Confused About Disk Usage Listed in Qube Manager - Not Adding Up

Qube Manager reports the following under the “Disk Usage” column (in MiB):

  1. debian-11 (template): 9309
  2. A (AppVM using debian-11 as template): 360
  3. B (AppVM using debian-11 as template): 5304

This confuses me because AppVMs A and B use the same debian-11 template, are almost identical, and consume only the following amounts (MiB) in their home directories:

  1. 1.3
  2. 346.7

In both AppVMs, there are no files in trash, nothing is mounted, and I don’t store any meaningful data on these as I have a separate storage device (these are basically used like thin clients). I also don’t do web browsing in either AppVM. If I account for the difference in home directory size, there’s still ~4600 MiB unaccounted for. Any ideas on where to look?

Regardless, in looking at several of my AppVMs, I’m not understanding how the “Disk Usage” statistics in Qube Manager are calculated because the numbers aren’t making sense to me. Is this detailed somewhere?

I totally understand you. i was confused at the beginning too. Well, considering potential security risks, maybe you should consider to install kde-partitionmanager in dom0 and then maybe it would be more clear how and where the disk space is.
There are a lot of topics here on forum explaining this.

Start in /rw as root, and drill down using du -sh * - you may
find the location of those files.

It’s in the source code - manager uses get_disk_utilization which is
in core-admin/qubes/storage/ , and effectively just sums
the sizes of all volumes for a qube. This includes backup volumes, which
may be why you see a large discrepancy. If you had files that you then
deleted these may still contribute to size in the private-*-back volume,
although you don’t see then reflected in the current usage.

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Qube Manager is a bit confusing about Disk Usage. Maybe it should be changed to just ignore the “root” volume for AppVMs: That volume only exists on disk while they are running, and because it’s a snapshot (of the TemplateVM’s “root” volume) it doesn’t really use all that much disk space.

You’ll get more meaningful results by looking at the individual volumes, e.g.

qvm-volume info debian-11:private
qvm-volume info debian-11:root
qvm-volume info A:private
qvm-volume info A:root
qvm-volume info B:private
qvm-volume info B:root