Configuring Linux HVM with qrexec, usb , screen resize


I am trying to create a HVM Standalone.
( I need to have access to the video card for one qube. video acceleration / WebGL needs to be fast)

In that standalone, i will need

  • USB (to attach headset and camera from usb qube - dont want to assign the usb controller)
  • and being able to resize the screen would be nice.

I found no useful doku on how to do that.
I think what i am looking for is something like the QubesWindowsTools for linux.

There were a few threads dealing with that topic, but did not solve my problem.
I tried to figure out which of the qubes* packages in an AppVM would be needed to get USB running.
That was not very successful. And ended in the system not being able to boot, since it was trying to mount /rw ;o)

Is there something like the QWT for linux?
Which packages would i need to install to get at least USB / screen resize working?

Hi! You may be going the wrong way about it.

Qubes already ships fedora and it’s already super duper integrated with Qubes (with the QubesWindowsTools equivalent for linux). All you need to do is to use an app qube (AppVM) that’s based on fedora (by default: personal, work, untrusted).

All the problems you describe to do with USB and screen size, won’t be a problem all on that setup. So unless there is any specific reason why you need an HVM instead of the default qube types, you should use the defaults.

This is a whole other topic. Please search on the forum for “GPU passthrough” and post there if the answers don’t solve your issue.

(note, I’ve changed the title to better reflect the issue at hand. Feel free to edit it if you feel is misrepresents your issue)