Completely remove XFCE without breaking system

A few days back, I installed KDE plasma in dom0 following this guide, which turned out mostly successful. The actual desktop installed perfectly, but some applications (e.g. Dolphin) weren’t installed, and were seemingly replaced with their XFCE counterparts.

I’ve looked through reddit and some forum posts, and got advice on either what not to do or how to hide XFCE instead. I learned from the tutorial linked above that a simple dnf remove @kde-desktop-qubes will break my system if I were to uninstall KDE, for example, so I applied the same logic to XFCE. I also ruled out rebuilding an ISO because I already have quite a bit on my current installation.

I find XFCE not being uninstalled concerning mostly because of its RAM/storage use and them being together being aesthetically unpleasing.

So my questions are:

1a) Do any of the Qubes tools depend on XFCE for their GUIs?
2a) Will dnf remove in dom0 really brick my system?
2b) Is there some sort of dnf command I can use to remove XFCE from dom0, like how I could remove KDE plasma with dnf remove kdelibs plasma-workspace?
3) How can I get the KDE applications to replace the old XFCE ones (preferably without reinstalling)?

Thanks again, and sorry if I’m posting too much.