Compatibility of Tuxedo Book XP14 Gen12?


I wanted to know if someone could tell me if the Tuxedo Book XP14 Gen12 is completly compatible with Qubes 4.1?

I saw it is on the HCL list but the owner said that the usb-qube won’t start at boot and has to be started manually. But this was in november last year, so maybe this bug could get fixed with the stable release?

So if someone could tell me if the tuxedo book works flawless with qubes 4.1, that would be really nice :slight_smile:

There is an HCL report for that laptop that has been tested to work with Qubes 4.1.

The problem with sys-usb not starting automatically could be user specific. If you are able, it would be worth installing Qubes and testing it yourself. It would also be helpful to submit your own HCL report as well.

I know this hcl report, as i said in my post.

I don’t have have the tuxedo book but i’m considering to buy it. But before i do i wanted to know if everything works fine since the stable release of 4.1

Hello there, sorry so long to reply, been crazy busy at work lately.
Qubes 4.1 is compatible, however at present the USB qube is still a little buggy.
As mentioned sometimes, randomly, it will not load, and sometimes when copying a file to a USB stick the file doesn’t copy, small issues like this.
When I get a chance I will be doing a clean install of Qubes 4.1 stable version, running rc2 at the moment so I am hopeful that when this is done these issues will disappear.
Please let me know how you go if you get the laptop.

Thanks for your reply! I’m also sorry that mine took a while :'D

I haven’t bought the device yet because of the issues you mentioned and i also asked at reddit in r/tuxedocomputers and got this reply:
"No. A lot of graphical glitches. i3 is a bit more affected then xfce, but it is annoying.

I bought the same laptop because of the HCL. The display port is not recognized most of the times. The fan goes crazy and is super loud while running the default VMs (sys-net, sys-firewall, sys-whonix)."

Would you confirm this issues?

And i would be glad if you let me know how the stable version functions as soon as you got time to install it :slight_smile:

I have installed the stable version of 4.1 (clean install) and have been using it for about a week now.
Unfortunately the USB issues seem to have persisted, the USB Qube will not load on boot sometimes, although this is rare enough not to bother me.
The worst issue is that when transferring files to and from a flash drive, sometimes the files copied on to the drive are corrupt or simply do not appear on another device.
I can copy files to a flash drive and open them from that location, but when I remove the drive and put it in my other laptop the files are simply not there, this issue can be quite frustrating.
I will say though that this may simply be an issue with the flash drive I am using, it is a cheap micro type stick that gets hot while it is plugged in, I plan to get rid of this one and will update at a later date if there are no more issues like this with a new flash drive.
With regards to graphical issues, I have virtually none, just some small distortion of the mouse pointer sometimes, rare and doesn’t bother me.
I have the laptop setup to run in ‘Quiet Mode’ in the BIOS, in this mode the fans will turn on and off occasionally during normal operation, and only tend to crank up when the processor is in demand, so this is also fine with me.
I haven’t had an opportunity to test the HDMI or display ports of my laptop, so can’t confirm anything there.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:
Did you have to troubleshoot while the installation, or did you mean with “clean install” that everything worked fine?

No troubleshooting required during the install, very smooth process.
By clean install in mean that I didn’t upgrade through the usual process of using Qubes Update, rather I formatted the drive, downloaded and reinstalled Qubes with a flash drive, and then restored my personal Qubes via Restore Backup.

Maybe there is another Tuxedo Book XP14 Gen12 user in this community willing to send in an HCL report? We got @Cubester’s R4.1-RC1 report.

@Cubester: did you do another clean install with the R4.1 release version? (I think we can accept the RC1 report for entry into the “just works” list, just curious)

Nice thank you!

Hello @Sven, I did do a clean install with the latest OS.
But yes, I would agree keep it as “just works” :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately that kind of disqualifies it from “just works” … for now. Over time these things heal. My “P51” started out as a bag of trouble (R3.2) and now is clearly a “just works” computer. Time will tell.