Community Templates Not Showing in Template Manager or Command Line

The template manager was not updating quickly and my icons were flashing so I opened a terminal, ran sudo thunar, and deleted the .cache of everything.

I thought it was a .cache file, so it shouldn’t matter.

This is a new re-install so I can reinstall again if I need to do that.

After I deleted the .cache file, the template manager eventually loaded the templates that are there, and itl and itl-testing and community-testing. It will not load community templates.

Is there anything other than a reinstall that will get community templates to reappear?

The icons are no longer flashing (after a Fedora Template reinstall) but I can’t see Gentoo or CentOS in the Template Manager, even with all of the repos selected in settings and then doing a refresh in the Template Manager.

There is no reply so far. I still can’t see Gentoo templates.

Are you running Qubes 4.1 or 4.2?


Gentoo is not built for 4.2 yet, that’s why you can’t see it right now. I see a few recent commits from fepitre in Qubes github related to Gentoo so maybe it’s coming soon.

There’s one in fepitre personal repo if you want to try it out, not sure if it will work. Keep in mind that it’s not coming from the Qubes repository.

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