Comments from Staff ? Core team etc Regarding Facebook Group

Hi all.

I manage which has 300+ users who are in there. I am the only Admin on there, now I understand there isn’t much of a Facebook page for QubesOS because well beliefs. But if I understand correctly If I’m just promoting QubesOS news articles directly from the official qubes website.

I just wanted to highlight there are some of us for social/political reasons have facebook. And start a dialogue about if I’m doing anything annoying that the core team from QubesOS would like me to change etc ?

Thanks in advance.

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Get them on the forums, the more users the better :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for asking. I have no problem with an unofficial, community-run Qubes group on a social networking platform, as long as it doesn’t try to misrepresent itself as an official group and as long as it follows our code of conduct. Having said that, we have no control over third-party social networks or the users on them, so it’s not up to us to try to police every Qubes-related group on the internet, nor would we care to try.

However, the way your post is written is a bit confusing, because it sounds like you’re not aware that we already have an official Facebook page with (currently) 2,668 followers: Every post on the Qubes news page is also posted there.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that discussion features have been intentionally disabled on this page, as we have neither the time nor, frankly, the desire to moderate discussions there. Therefore, your unofficial discussion group likely fills a different niche than this page.

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HI @adw , Thanks for taking the time to reply to me.

I wasn’t aware QubesOS had a official page on Facebook until 2 days ago when I checked the homepage. I try to keep the page well moderated and most of the discussions are just users helping other users. I appreciate I can be a bit confusing I have a disability which means sometimes my English is not the best.

I would be happy for someone like @deeplow to help Admin the page if he/she was interested in beccoming an Admin for the page too?

Anyway I will look at including the code of conduct within the unofficial FB page very soon. Again I am very appreciative of you writing back to me, as I only want to be seen as someone who is willing to help QubesOS not cause any bad press.


Thanks for the invite! However I’m not on fb. Good luck on the group! And if there is a situation where no one is able to help, feel free to link them here :slight_smile:


I should have added: And as long as it doesn’t take up any time from people who are already working on or contributing to the project, unless they choose to volunteer their own time.

Also: The code of conduct mentions several things about our (the Qubes core team’s) responsibilities and who to contact in cases of abuse. To be clear, this does not apply to any unofficial venues. In other words, if people violate the Qubes code of conduct in an unofficial venue, it is not our responsibility to do anything about it, and we reserve the right to ignore any such complaints. Please make this clear if you choose to link to/mention/include/incorporate/use the code of conduct in any way.

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