Command not available in AppVM after installing snap in template

I installed the snap version of a python app in my Debian 10 template VM. However when I run the command to run the application in the terminal of my AppVM, it cannot find the command. If I run “snap list” in the terminal of the AppVM, I see the application listed. In the AppVM, if I do a “sudo ls /rw/bind-dirs/snap”, I can see the folder for the python app that I installed in the template VM. Any ideas on what I might be missing?

Many Thanks

I don’t use snap but I know you have to install the snapd helper if you want to use it.

sudo apt install qubes-snapd-helper

Then, I think you have to directly install the app in the appvm instead of the template.

No difference. I have other snaps that works just fine.

I’ve also noticed that my debian AppVMs consistently have the icon next to them that they need to be updated even though I have restarted them multiple times. Not sure if it has something to do with the problem.

Since you use the terminal to start the app (from what I understand in your main post), are you sure it’s part of one of the directories present in your PATH? If not, then it can’t be available.

Also, if you don’t mind sharing the name of the app you’re trying to use, it could help to find the issue.

Try to run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade and see if it changes anything.

Its the yt-dlp application

Doesn’t bring back anything that needs updating.

Additionally, I removed all snaps from the debian 10 template VM and uninstall snapd, but then when I check my AppVMs they all still have the snaps show in “snap list” that I had uninstalled from the template VM.

Once you make a change in a template, you need to stop it and restart all AppVMs that are using it. if you don’t, they will still run/use the old template state.

That’s what I did. All the AppVMs were not running when I removed all the snaps and the snapd from the template VM. Once the changes were made I stopped the template VM and started up more than one AppVM and they all have the same problem still.

I mean, if you deleted snap you should not be able to do snap list in your AppVMs since it should be deleted right? Something is wrong somewhere, are you sure you’re doing the changes to the correct template?

I am positive not just from looking at the Qubes Manager but also doing neofetch in the terminal of both the template VM and the AppVMs. Shows they are all Debian 10 and I only have one Debian template installed.

The fact that the AppVMs consistently show in the Qubes Manager that they need to be cycled suggests to me that they aren’t getting updated from the Template VM for some reason.