Cloning Templates

I searched the documentation and community for this but did not find anything regarding how to clone templates. My search started when I decided to install software and used these directions. How to install software | Qubes OS
Step 1 mentions to clone the desired template but does not mention how to do so.
Along my search for how to do so, I saw a command listed in a somewhat unrelated post here in the community that I decided to modify and see what happens. The command I modified is in step 2 of the following post. Debian-10-minimal Configuration - #12 by Sven
Mine ended up looking like this, qvm-clone fedora-36 Test
Test being what I named the template. From the Applications list I opened Terminal Emulator and entered the command. It appeared to work and I proceeded to follow the directions from the documentation for installing software from other sources.
Finally getting to my questions on the subject, is there anything wrong with how I cloned the template? Is there a better or proper way of doing it?

qvm-clone VMNAME NEWVM

Nothing wrong with that.

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Thank you for your response. I have only been using Qubes for a couple of days now. I spent the last month reading as much as I could about it but have a lot to learn.

No problem. If your question has been resolved, please select the solution.

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