CloneZilla Image of Qubes 4.1.1 Check

Qubes release 4.1.1 was by far the hardest download I tried. I made a CloneZilla 3.0.1-8 image of my installation media (8GB flashdrive) and I will ask anybody kind enough to recheck it for me. CloneZilla might be in your distribution repo too. Download File List - Clonezilla - OSDN

Yes the owner and permissions need to be changed to root read to restore! I had to change those for various file postings.

From inside KeyBase search the public folder of cq_pula_sky
From outside KeyBase

List of Files:

1 blkdev.list
2 blkid.list
3 clonezilla-img
4 dev-fs.list
5 disk
6 Info-dmi.txt
7 Info-dmi-id.txt
8 Info-img-id.txt
9 Info-lshw.txt
10 Info-lspci.txt
11 Info-OS-prober.txt
12 Info-packages.txt
13 Info-saved-by-cmd.txt
14 Info-smart.txt
15 parts
16 sdc.dd-ptcl-img.gz Size 5.9 GB (5935755947 bytes)
17 sdc2.fat12-ptcl-img.gz Size 400.3 kB (400274 bytes)