Cloned monerod-ws to a new pool, now daemon won't sync

The blockchain was filling space on my qubes_dom0 VG so I followed these instructions:

and added a new VG with a bigger SSD I have and then cloned my monero-wallet-ws and monerod-ws AppVMs to the new pool then deleted the original AppVMs.

My Monero wallet and daemon were previously working perfect after I setup the original AppVMs following this guide: monero-site/ at 6c25a8714b5f7c3863e91dac3fe48472c6b4b253 · 0xB44EFD8751077F97/monero-site · GitHub

Since I moving them to this new pool, the daemon sync is broken.

When I try sudo systemctl start monerod-mainnet then statusI get:

monerod-mainnet.service - Monero Full Node Mainnet
     Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/monerod-mainnet.service; enabled; vend>
     Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Thu 2021; 2min>
    Process: 4639 ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/monerod --detach --no-igd --p2p-bind>
   Main PID: 4641 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)
        CPU: 1.064s

host systemd[1]: monerod-mainnet.service: Scheduled restart job>
host systemd[1]: Stopped Monero Full Node Mainnet.
host systemd[1]: monerod-mainnet.service: Consumed 1.064s CPU t>
host systemd[1]: monerod-mainnet.service: Start request repeate>
host systemd[1]: monerod-mainnet.service: Failed with result 'e>
host systemd[1]: Failed to start Monero Full Node Mainnet.

sudo tail -f /home/monerod/.bitmonero/bitmonero.log give me this:

INFO	global	src/daemon/core.h:63	Initializing core...
INFO	global	src/cryptonote_core/cryptonote_core.cpp:515	Loading blockchain from folder /home/monerod/.bitmonero/lmdb ...
INFO	global	src/cryptonote_core/cryptonote_core.cpp:690	Loading checkpoints
INFO	global	src/daemon/core.h:73	Core initialized OK
INFO	global	src/daemon/p2p.h:63	Initializing p2p server...
FATAL	net	contrib/epee/include/net/abstract_tcp_server2.inl:1084	Error starting server: Failed to bind IPv4 (set to required)
INFO	global	src/daemon/core.h:94	Deinitializing core...
NFO	global	src/daemon/protocol.h:75	Stopping cryptonote protocol...
NFO	global	src/daemon/protocol.h:79	Cryptonote protocol stopped successfully
ERROR	daemon	src/daemon/main.cpp:362	Exception in main! Failed to initialize p2p server.

If I run lvs in dom0 I can see that when I start the cloned monerod-ws qube (thats in my new VG) 2 LVs start in the original qubes_dom0 LV - they are:

  1. vm-monerod-ws-root-snap
  2. vm-monerod-ws-volatile

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.