Clock ploblem

because of my battery. I have to fix clock manually everytime I boot my computer.
Is it possible to make it automatically correct the time every time I connect to wifi like tails?

Could you be more specific about your issue?
Computers usually have a separate on-board battery that maintains the internal clock and the volatile memory in the BIOS/UEFI. If that discrete battery is broken, then you have a hardware issue, and any software fixes on Qubes or Tails would simply be a band-aid for the problem.
That said, the time on dom0 should still be synced to NTP servers through your designated Clock VM, which is sys-net by default.

I wonder if this works fine when you are totally out of sync though :thinking:

@regi you should fix your hardware. A hack to circumvent your problem would be to run a script at dom0 boot that look for the last access time of / and set the current date to this date, at least the clock will be within the same year/month which should not block connection to TLS servers because of certificate expiracy. This is what OpenBSD is doing by default if the root filesystem clock is more recent than the system time, this helps systems which don’t have an internal persistent clock like many ARM board. this is a hack though, fix your CMOS battery.

Apparently there is a problem with the battery and the internal clock is frequently being reset.

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You should consider repairing your hardware. A software fix would only be a band-aid solution, and doesn’t correct the root issue. Qubes can’t account for misbehaving computers.

I have a similar issue on one of the laptops from Purism. I am currently looking for the battery replacement as soon as they confirm the specification.