Clipboard Global Pasting

Global clipboard notifies me that copying is complete. Attempting to paste with the cntrl + shift V then cntrl+v returns nothing.

Error Log shows:
Invalid PMaxSize multiple times
XShmAttach failed for window
open var/run/qubes/qubes-clipboard.bin.xevent: no such file or directory
Window 0x2400ldc is still set as transient for xxxx window VM tried to destroy it.
connect: no such file or directory

Any help would be great as I am unable to troubleshoot properly and share logs without my clipboard.

Thanks in adv.

Does it say it has copied 0 bytes of data? It may happen that you are copying an empty clipboard, and thus pasting nothing.

When i copy something it does actually say 0 bytes, which I never noticed even though i’m attempting to copy the url string as a test…

If you are trying to copy something on the terminal, try “Ctrl + Shift + C”. And then try to copy to the global clipboard.

Clipboard contents fetched from VM. Copied 0 bytes.

This seems to be the same notification no matter what VM I try copy data from.

You are failing to copy anything to your clipboard.

First, try copy-pasting within the same VM. Once you establish you are able to copy-paste text in the same VM, then try to use global clipboard.

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“You are failing to copy anything to your clipboard.”

Copy and paste in the same VM works.
But global clipboard always returns copied 0 bytes notification.

Where are you copying from?

You can’t eg. copy from the terminal, by default it doesn’t use to the clipboard.

I’m trying to copy text from this forum, (firefox) to another instance of firefox in another qube.

Are you using ctrl+c followed by ctrl+shift+c when you copy?

Inside the VM you can copy and paste without using ctrl+c, but that doesn’t work when you copy to the global clipboard.

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It now says that, I have bytes copied but refuses to paste anything to the other qube…

I can copy locally and paste locally no problem.

cntrl + c followed by cntr+shift+c. Move to next machine cntrl + v followed by cntrl+shift+v returns nothing, no notifications

Copy: ctrl+c followed by shift+ctrl+c
Paste: shift+ctrl+v followed by ctrl+v

You are doing the paste in reversed order

Still the same issue sadly.

Nothing pasting and no notifications

Looking at the log:

ErrorHandler: BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied)
opcode: 130 (MIT-SHM)
opcode: 1 (x_ShmAttach)
XShmAttach failed for window XXXX (remote)
invalid PMaxSize
Connect: No such file or directory

It also matters when one changes the active window to the “pasteVM”. Waiting until after beginning the paste sequence with ctrl+shift+v will not paste anything, even if one selects the pasteVM as the active window before ctrl-v.

Starting the paste sequence in the VM I intend to paste into, still produces nothing by the global clipboard.

Might be unrelated but I have a dom0 and fedora update that I am failing to install, due to errors but cant get help with until I fix my clipboard : ’ )

I doubt this is the problem, but it’s still worth checking your clipboard RPC policies. Are there any entries that deny pasting when you check the following in dom0?

cat /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.ClipboardPaste

Thanks for the help!

It shows:

DOM0 @anyvm ask
@anyvm @anyvm ask

This is almost a fresh install of qubes I am running. I have only setup a VPN service and one additional vm with the network set to the VPN service, so I really haven’t been tinkering to much with the configs.

** I did delete the personal qube but I don’t think this should not have any effect afaik

What if you try to copy text from a different source, like text editor in the same vm?

Deleting the personal qube shouldn’t affect anything.