Clipboard & forum login

  1. The clipboard works some times other times it does not work for the exact same operation.

  2. E.g. to login to the forum, when a long password is copied from a Bitwarden cube, then it is some times not possible to paste it. It would help for these occasions to be able to make the password visible in the forum login to type it in manually.

Could you describe the steps you’re doing to copy-paste between vms?

Try with the following:

  • [Bitwarden qube]
  1. Copy to local clipboard (ctrl-c)
  2. Copy to Qubes global clipboard (ctrl-shift-c)
  • [Browser qube]
  1. Paste to VM clipboard (ctrl-shift-v)
  2. Paste from clipboard to app (ctrl-v)

This image sums it up:

Source: Qubes Clipboard™ is painful - #3 by deeplow


:sweat_smile: I skipped Step 1 - that explains it… plus probably RTFM!

Thanks a lot.

Is it possible at all to copy/paste into dom0?

Not easily, see here for details:

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Copy clipboard from dom0:
Click on the Global Clipboard widget in the tray and you can copy dom0 clipboard to global clipboard by clicking on “Copy dom0 clipboard”.

Get global clipboard from dom0:
cat /var/run/qubes/qubes-clipboard.bin

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I didn’t know that the global clipboard was available from dom0, thanks @tzwcfq !

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