Citrix HDX Media Engine: xvinfo no adaptors present


I am trying to install the Citrix HDX Media Engine under a standalone cube copied from debian-10 template. Installation is terminated with an error regarding xvideo adaptors.

Welcome to the Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine 2.9.200 installer.

Select a setup option:

    1. Install the product
    2. Remove the product
    3. Quit

Enter setup option[1-3]: 1

(Verified that the Citrix Workspace App is installed.)

(Verified that PulseAudio is supported.)

no adaptors present

WARNING: Unable to find XVideo compatible adapters.*
Installation terminated.

If I run xvinfo I get the following output:

[user@citrixtest HDX_RealTime_Media_Engine_2.9.200_for_Linux_x64]$ xvinfo
X-Video Extension version 2.2
screen #0
no adaptors present

Did anybody successfully install Citrix HDX Media Engine or has an idea how I could proceed? Thanks in advance.

Have you searched if this is a known problem that affects debian-10 more generally? It is often the case that the issue is debian-related and not a fault of Qubes.

I’ve also formatted your post with markdown the language the forum uses for formatting posts. I hope I didn’t mess anything up. Let me know otherwise.


Thank you for formatting my post.

I can confirm that it is working on debian bare metal.

The problem seems to be that there is no X-Video extension adaptor in Qubes OS Guest.


Hello @disc,

I have no experience with the Citrix HDX Media Engine or with X-Video errors, but I did some searching using the error you are seeing and found some links that might help:

You should review these and other links yourself (they may help with troubleshooting and point in different directions), but what I have gathered from them is that your current video driver likely does not support X-Video Extension. This might be fixed by either updating the driver (if it is not updated) or switching to a different driver. What video driver are you using? For example, if you are using an open-source driver (like nouveau for Nvidia drivers), switching to the proprietary video driver (like Nvidia’s own driver) may fix it.

Are you using an AMD driver by any chance, especially but not necessarily a Radeon or RadeonHD? Because I am seeing this problem mainly pop up in relation to AMD drivers and specifically Radeon(HD) in search results, at least for certain chips, even though most of these threads are over a decade old. If so, then narrowing your troubleshooting to the driver you are using may yield better results; this Debian wiki page may be helpful in that regard.

Other than that, I am seeing mention of checking xorg.conf for sanity and also modifying driver settings to enable 3D options.

I’m not sure what else it could be, but if I find anything else that may be promising, I will share it here.


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Thank you very much for your contribution. In dom0 xvinfo is working as expected.
I use intel integrated graphics device. As I understand it, however, the physical graphics card is not used in the guests. If I use a HVM guest, lspci shows a “VGA compatible controller”. If I create a PVH guest, lspci gives an empty output. Maybe XVideo is not supported in the guests at all.