Circle arrows on app qubes each time after I opened template terminal. Is it normal?

I always thought that this sign should appear only when template was updated and it tells that app qube should to be restarted to reflect these changes. But this sign appears on qubes each time I just opened terminal and did nothing in it (at least related to updates). For example I just opened whonix workstation terminal to search some packages using apt search and didn’t install anything. And after that that sign appeared again on whonix app qube. But why? There are no changes that app qubes should to reflect. Or there are? Bug? I sometimes feel that this sign appears just after I just opened the terminal, without any action in it.

Yes, that’s normal. QubesOS doesn’t explicitly check whether you’ve modified the root volume or not (e.g. by installing or removing some package), but rather displays that symbol whenever there could have been some change due to the template having been started.

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