Chromium in Fedora 33 crashes


I have a policy file for chromium (I usually use Firefox but for Jitsi meetings I use Chromium, much better features available there) and for the past week or two it causes Chromium to crash at startup. This used to work fine up until a about two weeks ago.

The policy file is placed in /etc/chromium/policies/recommended/policy.json and contains the following:

“NewTabPageLocation”: “about:blank”,
“DefaultBrowserSettingEnabled”: false,
“BookmarkBarEnabled”: false,
“BrowserSignin”: 0,
“ImportHomepage”: false,
“ImportSavedPasswords”: false,
“ImportSearchEngine”: false,
“PasswordManagerEnabled”: false,
“HomepageLocation”: “about:blank”,
“DefaultGeolocationSetting”: 2,
“DefaultNotificationsSetting”: 2,
“DefaultPopupsSetting”: 2,
“DefaultSensorsSetting”: 2,
“DefaultSearchProviderEnabled”: true,
“DefaultSearchProviderSearchURL”: “{searchTerms}”,
“BlockThirdPartyCookies”: true

If I remove some policies I get different results depending on if Chromium is set as default browser or not.
Here are the outcomes of a few tests I have done:

  1. Set Chromium as default browser
    a. Have the full policy file = browser crashes on startup
    b. Remove policies that start with “Default” = browser starts and is happy to continue
  2. Set Firefox as default browser
    a. Have full policy file = chromium crashes on startup
    b. Remove policies that start with “Default” = chromium starts, shows a banner on top that says it is not the default browser, I click a cross to the right on the banner to get rid of it and then chromium crashes.
    c. Remove all policies = the same as option b.

Can anyone see if the same thing happens with them? Or is this something specific to my system?

I can’t help here, but this problem looks not specific to Qubes OS. You could also ask on Chromium/Fedora forums if nobody replies here.